Welcome to GREYMARKETS: Your global trader for top level Right Hand Drive converted american vehicles - Ford Mustang GT 350, F150/250, Raptor, F550

RHD converted american vehicles trading, s/h worldwide, homologation, sourcing cars from the U.S. / Canada.

If importing into South Africa, Namibia, Australia we are able assisting clients with import and registration of their vehicle.     


We´re specialized supplying vehicles from the U.S./Canada. Take advantage of our experience in the market and our network of excellent partners. Delivering new and used vehicles from Ford.

Leading companies in the RHD field employing highly skilled engineers and technicians. Using state of the art technology. Our automobiles are in compliance with ADR / RAWS (Australia) and South Africa Road Safety Traffic Act, seeking NATIS registration and police clearance. From vehicle purchase, RHD conversion, import incl. completing registration documents.

We offer special orders! Built to specs-placing a factory order on your  U.S./Canadian specs vehicle (new cars) including the entire buying process for you - so you will get exactly the car you've always wanted.

2015 Right Hand Drive Ford Mustang GT 350 & GT 350 R

Right Hand Drive Ford F550

Right Hand Drive Ford F150 / 250 - Raptor

Bildquelle: Thomas S / pixelio.de


2017 Raptor RHD

The all new 2017 Ford Raptor with 650 hp in RHD. Available now!